Spice Farm Tour

If you are visiting Zanzibar for a couple of days, then a visit to some of the spice farms in the islands is a good idea. A short visit involves going to some  farms/plantations and seeing how the spices are grown, processed and packaged. Some of the spices include cloves, nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon. You will enjoy watching the farm guide entertain you with impromptu fruit carvings. The tour ends with a sumptuous luncheon and also an opportunity to buy some of the spices which are a great opportunity to surprise your folks back home with exotic foreign merchandise.

Just as you’re familiar with seasoning food with salt or pepper, add spices at different times and take advantage of their unique qualities. A little trial and error and soon your taste buds will achieve the desired results

Here are the main farms that grow spices in Zanzibar:      

  • 1. Tangawizi spice farm
  • 2. Kizimbani spice farm
  • 3. Kindichi spice farm
  • 4. Zanzibar spices and heritage center to name a few.

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