Why Us

Customer Orientation:

The very good reason for establishing THE MAGIC was centered around a focus on customer satisfaction. The company philosophy, its top management orientation, and recruitment and training of staff always follow this mission. The companys motto truly reflects the focus of the management on customer satisfaction as a key factor towards prosperous future.


Zanzibar, being a very small island, there is a tendency of imitating the competitor. THE MAGIC strives to offer innovative services in terms of their organization, coverage and scope. At THE MAGIC activities are not just organized around sites and events but mostly around logical themes and details that ensure satisfaction of customer needs and value for their money. Full package of existing as well as future theme based generic branded tours can be obtained and discussed on request.

Destination Knowledge:

Combining the vast experience of its General Manager, Operations, Reservationists and Tour/Marine Guides with specialized training and researches, THE MAGIC has distinguished itself on the knowledge of the destination of Zanzibar and beyond. The history and heritage, nature and culture all well researched, documented and detailed – in a logical pattern – to meet the interests of the clients.

Rapport with relevant Authorities:

THE MAGIC maintains an exceptionally good rapport with all government agencies as well as private sector organizations, like, ATTA, ZATI, TATO, TWS, ZATO. The confidence of these departments to THE MAGIC has in many times proved to be a vital asset in responding promptly to situations and sometimes extreme needs of the clients or circumstances,


Young as it might be, THE MAGIC is housed in an elegant office on the outskirts of Zanzibar City at Fuoni and has a fleet of suitable vehicles with FREE WIFI to cater for any demand. Most of these are in house while some can be outsourced if the demand exceeds its fleet, and without compromising the quality. Smoothly working communication such as e-mail facilities, presence on the web as well as numerous fully equipped offices, Public Liability Cover for its vehicles also sums up to a professionally organized company and ease in delivery of the services while portraying the true colours of THE MAGIC, 

Airport Rep:

Our Airport Representative with Customer Care abilities to provide better service to customers, providing assistance with clearance through immigration and customs, assistance in follow up on lost luggage as well as check-ins and arrivals promptly and professionally.

Outstanding record: Relation Desks/Concierge Experience

THE MAGIC is planning to have several guest relation desks at all major hotels/resorts in Zanzibar.

Effectively, services can be brought closer to the customer with encouraging results. To ensure the desk meet all expectations, from the guests. THE MAGIC Driver and vehicle is always available at a short notice at your resident hotel. This combined with flexible working hours; the enthusiastic GRO maintains his/her entire attention to the deserving customers at will.

Nil Agent turnover:
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Unlike most tour operators, to date, THE MAGIC has a 100% record in keeping its obligatory status known to its corporate clients and individuals. While the management is proud of this fact, it nevertheless not complacent of the achievement and always looks into ways to further improve the service and delight the customers – both corporate and individual.

Working Modalities:

This is another area open for further discussion and agreement between yourselves and THE MAGIC.

  • Way Forward: Should this proposal meet your satisfaction, we can always agree on any pending issues. 
  • Invitation: The management of THE MAGIC perceives to serve you as your DMC in Zanzibar/mainland Tanzania. 

Explore Beautiful Places of Zanzibar.