7 Romantic Things to do in Zanzibar

Over the years, Zanzibar has been an attraction point for different kinds of travelers around the world. I’ve seen people come to the island just to stay away from the outside world and enjoy its tranquility. Yes, some people love the Zanzibar archipelago for its seclusion.

Similarly, people come over here with their families for getaways. Zanzibar archipelago seems quite secluded but features plenty of activities to keep you and your family occupied and entertained. Speaking of the nightlife? Some places on the island are known for their bustling nightlife.

Asides from these, there are many other things to enjoy on your vacation to Zanzibar. For a while, travelers on romantic vacations to Zanzibar have been on the rise. Formerly, the island was mainly visited for family getaways, but it is all changing now, as there are more romantic things to do.

Are you passionate about strengthening the bond between you and your partner? If yes, a romantic getaway with so many lovely and priceless moments would be the best option to do so. If you are wondering what the romantic things to do in Zanzibar are, this article will help.

List of Romantic Things to do with your partner in Zanzibar

1. Take a tour of Prison Island

The name “Prison Island” is synonymous with the history associated with this special escape into nature. It is known as Prison Island today, but it once served as a prison for enslaved people camped in Zanzibar many years ago. Then, it was a bitter experience to be at Prison Island.

However, it all gets better. Now, Prison Island provides an opportunity to escape into an incredible world of tranquility and beauty. The island is one of the most beautiful places in the Zanzibar archipelago, as it is usually occupied by couples and other romantic partners on getaways.

If you have also planned a honeymoon to Zanzibar, you had better include a day at Prison Island in your list of exciting things. On the island, you will find giant tortoises imported from Seychelles in the 19th century. Many of these creatures age up to a hundred years and are so big.

In addition, you and your partner can go on a romantic boat ride that lasts for half an hour. As little as this time might be, it is priceless, especially when you know how to make the most of these moments. Other activities on the island include sunbathing, swimming, and many more.

2. Spend a day at Zanzibar Butterfly Center

For a long time, Butterflies have been associated with love and affection. Spending some time at the Zanzibar Butterfly Center could be one of the best ways to live these moments to the fullest. It is best enjoyed when you do it with someone you care so much about.

However, Zanzibar Butterfly Center is about butterflies and features a stretch of tropical gardens. These gardens are occupied by thousands of butterflies, providing beauty and serenity to the atmosphere. You will surely love it here, especially when you are on a romantic date with that special person.

These gardens are native to Zanzibar, so you are sure to get that feeling of warmth and safety it has to offer. In addition, the Zanzibar Butterfly Center is one of the largest centers across Africa, allowing guests to participate in many activities. There is more to visiting the center than just seeing butterflies.

At the Zanzibar Butterfly Center, you and your partner can watch the complete lifecycle of various butterfly species and learn more about them. In addition, you get the opportunity to feed these butterflies normally. It is also one of the prettiest places to take pictures for Instagram.

3. Nungwi Beach

What is a Zanzibar romantic holiday without a beach day out? I bet that’s incomplete and is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Nungwi Beach is more than just a coastline, but offers quite a lot of amenities to keep you occupied and entertained. It is perfect, particularly for honeymooners.

Located in the quaint small fishing village of Nungwi, Nungwi Beach is one of the best places to spend your honeymoon getaway with your partner. The village is occupied by friendly locals who enjoy showing you around and ensuring you get the most out of your short or long holiday.

Surrounded by gently swaying palm trees, Nungwi Beach is ideal for romantic vacations and single and family getaways. In addition, the beach features crystal clear waters perfect for various water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. You can also relax and swim in its calm waters if you wish.

Nungwi Village is also known for its proximity to several attractions and landmarks in the Zanzibar archipelago, including Stone Town, which is a short distance from the settlement. Stone Town is a UNESCO world heritage site, well known as a tourist attraction in Zanzibar.

4. Get on the Dhow Cruise

The Dhow cruise experience is something you should never miss on your romantic vacation to Zanzibar. Here is an opportunity to sail with your romantic partner on the calm waters of the Indian Ocean while enjoying the best of entertainment on the cruise.

The cruise begins from Fumba village, usually isolated during boat cruises. In addition, this small secluded village is known for its interesting wildlife and picturesque view of the Zanzibar coast. Before going on your cruise, you can explore this beautiful place a day or two.

The Dhow Cruise takes you around several incredible islands, many of which you never knew existed. What’s more delightful than seeing these beautiful places with your romantic partner? You also enjoy delicious meals while experiencing the most sunset of your existence.

Furthermore, the Dhow Cruise allows you and your partner to cherish happy moments and make the best of them. While the cruise returns home, you can watch how the sky gradually changes from light blue to magnificent gold. This moment is priceless, and you should experience it too.

5. Eat at The Rock Restaurant

There are high chances that you have heard of The Rock Restaurant, one of the most exceptional restaurants around the world, and also on Zanzibar island. This restaurant is situated directly on a medium-sized rock in the middle of the ocean waters, in what seems like a boat cruise.

The Rock Restaurant provides an escape for you and your partner from the outside world and is quite popular amongst honeymooners. In as much as the restaurant serves great food, its setting attracts tourists the most as they see its wonders for themselves.

However, you must be ready to break the bank to enjoy the most of The Rock Restaurant. Items here cost about twice the original prices on the main island, but it is well worth the hype and flowers it gets. While at the restaurant, you should try the Junbo prawns, homemade tagliolini, and crab spaghetti.

6. Explore Marine Life at Mnemba Atoll

Snorkeling is one of the most interesting things in Zanzibar, especially for honeymooners. Together, you can explore marine life in the depths of the waters and enjoy the experience for as long as it lasts. This is one of the most popular things to do for couples in Zanzibar and around the world.

I can assure you that this experience will be remarkable and bring pleasant memories whenever you think about it. Come with your partner and explore over 350 fish species, many of which you have never heard of or seen before.

7. Swim with dolphins at Kizimkazi

If you are passionate about diving and swimming with friendly and cute dolphins, the Kizimkazi area of Zanzibar is the best place to go. The area features shallow coastal waters, serving as an attraction to dolphins who come to eat, rest, and of course, socialize with you. What’s better than returning the energy?

Asides from diving with dolphins, you can also go on dolphin tours with your partner at Kizimkazi. The best time to visit for dolphin lovers is around 5 to 6 am every morning when the water is still cool. You might find none of these dolphins later in the afternoon due to the increased temperature of the water.

Wrapping Up

If you are interested in a romantic island vacation, Zanzibar should be on your list. It is loved by many couples and honeymooners who have experienced the beauty and tranquility the island offers. Trust me when I say a romantic holiday in Zanzibar remains a thrilling destination for couples.

However, it would help if you knew that the best time to visit Zanzibar, especially with your partner, is during the dry season, which goes from July to September. During this time, the island receives lesser rainfall, making it perfect for a romantic beach getaway with that special person.