Langilangi Beach Bungalows

Langi Langi never had any sea view rooms but in 2005 the hotel owners decided to build 2 sea view rooms which where named Kidude and Salme, located on the first floor above the cafe the rooms have got breathtaking views of the Indian ocean and beautiful view of the Zanzibari Sunset from your balcony would be an amazing experience. Due to high demand of the rooms there where 10 additional suites built which are located in a big 3 floor bungalow, on the ground floor there 3 sea view suites which have got there own private verandah. 

On the first floor there are 2 Marhaba suites with there own private balcony the Marhaba suites are also bigger than the sea view suites. The 5 Royal Suites out of which one is located on the first floor, 3 on the second floor and 1 on the top floor or the 3rd floor, all of this suites have got their own private balcony overlooking the Indian ocean, the suites are also larger in size and are highly in demand due to its location. Hotel Rooms: 67, Hotel Chain: Park Hyatt

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