7 Free Things to do in Zanzibar

As you should be aware, Zanzibar is one of the best tourist destinations worldwide. Spice Island, as it is fondly called, is a treasure everyone should explore. There are plenty of fun activities and things to do in Zanzibar.

However, many tourists are discouraged from visiting Zanzibar due to the seemingly high costs of vacations there. A lot of people believe they have to break the bank before they can have enough fun on the island, but the opposite is the case. With little finance, you can enjoy your Zanzibar getaway to the fullest.

As there are many fun activities for you to partake in Zanzibar, so many of them come without any charge. This means you do not have to pay anyone before you can get involved in the fun and make the most of your island holiday.

Since there are many free things to do in Zanzibar, I will talk elaborately about them so it convinces you and aids your decision-making. You should be convinced that there are plenty of free things to do in Zanzibar without spending a dime except for your travel, food, and accommodation expenses.

List of Top Free Things to do in Zanzibar

1. Get on the Beach

Zanzibar island is home to several amazing beaches, especially on the eastern and northern shores. You will find the best and most beautiful beaches around the region. They feature calm turquoise blue waters, gently swaying palm trees, and powdery white sands.

Every beach on Zanzibar island is accessible to the public, and there are no private beaches at all, but it might take a while to find the perfect one for you. Also, getting the best fit for you depends on the purpose of your visit, be it for a romantic or family getaway.

However, you can easily find cool beaches when you get accommodation at a resort, as this is what they are known best for. Some of these resorts also allow day visitors to access their picturesque beaches and have fun with every other person at the resort.

If you are having difficulty finding the best beaches on Zanzibar island, some easily accessible coastlines are located at Kizimkazi, Bwejuu, Paje, Matemwe, etc. In addition, these beaches are known for their proximity to major tourist attractions on the island.

2. Enjoy the nightlife at Kendwa village

Kendwa is a small fishing village in Zanzibar but is home to some of the best tourist attractions on the island. The village is located in the north of Zanzibar, providing easy access to the island’s stunning coastline at no charge at all. Isn’t that amazing?

In addition to the gorgeous beach, Kendwa also boasts classy restaurants and bars serving almost everything you need. At these bars, you’d get those cocktails you never even knew you could find on the island, but this does not come for free.

One of the many things to enjoy here in Kendwa is its bustling nightlife which also attracts guests from other parts of the island. The parties get more intense towards the end of each month, and guests are always invited to have fun and party without paying a dime.

The month-end parties, known as the full moon parties, take place on whichever Saturday is closest to the month’s end. It is lively here, and the atmosphere stays electric, giving the perfect Zanzibar party vibe. The party lasts till dawn, and you don’t even need accommodation.

3. Go Window-shopping during the week

Asides from its stunning coastline, Zanzibar is also popular for its colorful outdoor markets. These markets usually bustle daily, with many people buying and selling. Also, some people just come to these markets for basic window shopping.

Window shopping isn’t bad as long as it feeds the eye. Zanzibar outdoor markets are places where you will enjoy window shopping. The markets display a wide range of items, including fruits, spices, vegetables, fabric, and even art and craft works for you to see and appreciate.

It is not compulsory for you to spend money to get any of the items displayed, but you can do it if you wish. No one would ask you to pay for window shopping in Zanzibar. All you have to do is roam around, enjoying the scenery and taking lovely pictures.

However, roaming about the markets can be a bit tiring. Whenever you get hungry, you can grab a meal at any classy restaurant. Yes, these restaurants serve a wide range of meals so that you can satisfy your cravings accordingly.

4. Tour the Mangapwani Cave

So far, Zanzibar is an island; it is normal to come across caves from time to time. However, there are special ones, such as the Mangapwani Coral Cave, a deep natural cavern in coral-lined rock. This cave is a major destination in Zanzibar and attracts many tourists from time to time.

Mangapwani Cave is a square-shaped rock cell initially used to hold enslaved people. Now, it is a popular landmark on the island. You can visit the cave alongside other visitors on organized tours or go as a solo visitor. If you are visiting for the first time, I recommend you go on the organized tour.

The Mangapwani Cave has a very narrow entrance which is only accessible via a staircase. Furthermore, you might experience difficulty reaching the slave chamber unless you find a guide to walk you through easily. Please remember that exciting the cave is more challenging than getting in.

5. Go fishing at Chwaka Bay

Chwaka Bay is more popular as a starting point for tourists visiting Jozani Forest, but it is a major tourist attraction in Zanzibar. Remember that entrance into the Jozani Forest comes at a charge, but exploring this small fishing village is free for everyone and any kind of traveler in Zanzibar.

Well, most tourists go into the Jozani Forest to watch Columbus monkeys do their things, which is also an interesting activity. However, you can have more fun sitting along the stunning shoreline of Chwaka Bay and watching local fishermen throw their nets and trade.

As simple and boring as this might sound, it has so much fun, especially when the sea is filled with several fishermen. Nevertheless, if you are still interested in seeing monkeys, you can find a bunch of them in Chwaka without paying the entrance fee to Jozani Forest.

6. Take your time exploring Stone Town

Stone Town is a central Zanzibar Island city filled with many attractions and history. As you might already know, Zanzibar is a relatively small island with less than six roads leading back to the main town, making it easy to explore the place yourself.

Even without a guide, you can always find your way around town if you have the map. Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the historical and cultural center of the city. Spend time exploring the alleys and the ancient buildings that line the streets.

7. Expose yourself to healthy sunlight

Enjoying the warm sunlight is one of the best therapies you’d get for your vacation. Adequate sunlight is necessary for providing Vitamin D, known for its benefits to the skin. However, do not ignore the emphasis on “healthy” sunlight.

Sunlight in the peak hours, from 10 am to 3 pm, is too intense and not considered healthy because of the damage it does to the skin. In addition, you should make it a priority to stay hydrated always. Combining enough water and exposure to healthy sunlight is the perfect free skin therapy for you.

Final Words

Another thing you can do for free on your vacation at Zanzibar is to interact with the locals. This might seem unnecessary, but it is important if you want to get along easily. Of course, the locals will also enjoy communicating with you and not requesting payment before doing so.

As time goes on, you will also find other interesting things to do on the island without paying a dime. However, you might find some activities that involve paying very little money. You can go with that if it doesn’t break your budget or bank balance.