Top 7 Cities to Visit in Tanzania

Located in East Africa, Tanzania is one of the most beautiful countries in the region. The country is home to a lot of history about the African people. It is quite popular for its vast wilderness areas, safari tours, and fascinating coastlines such as that of Zanzibar island.

Tanzania features a wide variety of cultures and several interesting attractions. These tourist attractions are situated in the beautiful cities of Tanzania, featuring stunning architecture, great amenities, urban scenery, and various accommodation options for you to select from.

Tanzania is the perfect destination for adventurers, wildlife, and extreme sports lovers. In addition, the East African country is home to some of the biggest cities in Tanzania with the best amenities. The “Soul of Africa,” as Tanzania is usually called, is the most visited.

Whether you are going on a vacation or traveling to reside permanently in Tanzania, you should know the best cities in the country. Even if you don’t plan your getaway or reside in any of these cities, you can take out some free time to explore these cities and see the exciting things about them.

List of the Best Cities to visit in Tanzania

1. Arusha

Arusha is not only one of the most interesting cities in Tanzania but also in Africa. The location offers stunning views of Mount Meru and Vivid greenery, making it one of the best places to visit for relaxation. If you are particular about privacy, you will get much of it here at Arusha.

Arusha features a large national park home to several wildlife, including hyenas, buffaloes, monkeys, leopards, giraffes, and many more. In this park, you will also find exotic birds, including woodpeckers, egrets, flamingos, guinea fowl, hornbills, crowned eagles, and pelicans, amongst many others.

In addition, this city is home to Lake Manyara and its national park, which are popular attractions amongst many tourists. At the lake, you will find fish such as catfish and tilapia. To help you get along easily, I recommend interacting well with the friendly locals.

2. Dar es Salaam

You might have heard a thing or two about the largest city in Tanzania; Dar es salaam is that city and is also one of the most visited places in the country. The city offers an urban and modern experience of Tanzania, with a traditional charm that speaks volumes of its grassroots.

You will find several large shopping malls and bustling town squares in Dar es Salaam, usually the most crowded places in the city. If you aren’t a fan of crowds, it is best you visit any of these places during the week instead of the weekend. The weekend records a high influx of visitors to these attractions.

In addition, the national museum of Tanzania is located in Dar es Salaam and is a place you must visit. The attraction offers an insight into the history and culture of Tanzania – one you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Other attractions include the botanical gardens, bongo island, the safari monument, the cathedral, etc.

3. Dodoma

Dodoma is a beautiful city located in central Tanzania. It is quite popular for its ease of access from different parts of the country. It is the capital of Tanzania, and of course, there are so many attractions and plenty of exciting things to do while in Dodoma, Tanzania.

This city is home to a lot of government buildings and several ministries in the country. Just like Dar es Salaam, Dodoma is also filled with historical places such as Nyerere square, which gives a little insight into the culture and beliefs of the Tanzanian people. This place is not usually crowded.

Other attractions in Dodoma include the Jamatkhana Ismaili Mosque, also referred to as Gaddafi Mosque, known for its exceptional design and architecture, the large catholic cathedral, and the domed Anglican church. You might also find time to visit the Modernist Lutheran Cathedral and many other attractions.

4. Mwanza

Here is another priceless treasure of Tanzania you definitely want to experience. Mwanza is located on the gorgeous Lake Victoria and offers stunning views of the water body and its surrounding environment. It is the second largest city in Tanzania, just after Dar es Salaam.

Mwanza is surrounded by tall and beautiful hills, which are better explored during summer. There are so many activities for tourists to get involved in while at Mwanza. An example is visiting the Mwaloni market or Maasai market to learn about the local life of the Tanzanian people in the city.

Surely, nature lovers would have nothing to miss, and you can also enjoy it by spending your afternoon on the Robert Koch Hill or Saa Nane National Park and feeding your sight. Also, if you wish, plan a trip to the old German building in the city and gain an insight into the history of Mwanza and Tanzania at large.

Overall, the best and most priceless attraction to visit in Mwanza remains Lake Victoria. Apart from the beautiful sight it has to offer; the lake is also home to several animals, including mongooses, otters, rats, reedbucks, waterbucks, shrews, and hippopotami. Of course, no one would want to miss all of these.

5. Stone Town

Located on Zanzibar Island, Stone Town is a must-see whenever you visit Tanzania. In fact, this location must be on every tourist’s bucket list. There’s no way you’d say you visited Tanzania and didn’t see Stone Town – Your trip was definitely incomplete. Let’s see some reasons why you should see Stone Town.

This beautiful city boasts displays of the deep Swahili culture that shapes it, bustling streets, exceptional architecture, and commendable historical designs. If you visit any of Zanzibar’s coastlines or islands, you must go through Stone Town first; it acts as a gateway.

Some of these beaches and islands include Pongwe, Kendwa, and Nungwi Beach. Some other reasons you should consider a trip to Stone Town are its delicious street food, such as the Zanzibar pizza, date nut bread, sugarcane juice, octopus curry, pilao, ginger curry, and biryani.

6. Moshi

Although small, Moshi is quite a popular city in Tanzania, thanks to its location at Mount Kilimanjaro. Tourists often visit this small city whenever they tour the mountain. In most cases, they visit the city to find shelter in some of its various accommodation options.

In addition, Moshi is popular for activities such as horse riding, hiking, camping, trekking, and climbing on the great Mount Kilimanjaro. This is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss, especially when you are going in a group. Attractions in the city include the Materumi waterfalls, Lake Chale, and Kikuletwa Hot Springs.

7. Kigoma

Kigoma is also a small city in Tanzania but is a great place for guests to visit. It is located on Lake Tanganyika and features several landmarks and attractions. Some of these attractions include old buildings dating back to the German colonial era and a landmark called Kaiser House.

In addition, Kigoma is popular for its proximity to villages such as Katonga and Kibirizi giving tourists the ease of access to mingle with the locals and learn from them. Kigoma also acts as a gateway to interesting locations in the country, such as Gombe National Park, Mahale Mountains National Park, etc.

At the Gombe National Park, for example, you’d spot chimpanzees and other wildlife, many of which are endangered already. Lake Tanganyika, where Kigoma rests, offers interesting activities such as snorkeling and boating and is home to over 200 species of rainbow cichlid fish.

Wrapping Up

If you are interested in exploring these beautiful cities in Tanzania, you should do so with others. Although some people prefer going on these adventures alone, it might be a little hectic, especially if you are visiting for the first time. You can find tour organizers in Tanzania and book a group tour with one of them.

Tanzania has moderate economic stability; therefore, you’d get almost everything at extremely affordable prices. You don’t need to break the bank before you are able to purchase what interests you in any of these cities. However, I will still advise you to go with some spare cash, just in case.