Top 5 Cheap Safari in Tanzania

Holidays are for fun and relaxation, no doubts about this. However, the quality of your holiday experience depends on the places you visit and, of course, the activities you engage in. From the stats, most people travel to beautiful islands and historical places, amongst many others.

Over time, people are beginning to pay interest in exploring wildlife as much as possible; this is popular in East Africa, in countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, etc., and is called a Safari. Safaris are usually full of fun and adventure, allowing you to observe wild animals.

In the eastern and southern parts of Africa, where safaris are quite popular, you might have to break the bank before getting on one. The experience is all worth any price, but this can be unaffordable for many tourists who don’t want to miss out on the fun.

For this reason, you might have to find cheap safaris, and Tanzania is one of the best places to find them. As much as you’d find many affordable safari options in Tanzania, it doesn’t even bring the experience below standard. The fun and adventure remain top-notch.

If you are passionate about joining a safari in Tanzania but concerned about your low budget, you shouldn’t be so bothered anymore. Even if you haven’t come across them, there are several other cheaper safari options that you can join in Tanzania. Let’s get on with it.

Why Safari in Tanzania?

Safaris in Tanzania are miles ahead of those in other parts of Eastern and Southern Africa. Of course, there are other great places for this adventure, including Kenya, Zimbabwe, and many others, but Tanzania is a better pick when compared to any of these. Let’s see what keeps it ahead.

Firstly, Tanzania is popular for its vast wilderness areas, making it one of the best regions for safaris. A few of these wilderness areas include the plains of Serengeti National Park and the Kilimanjaro National Park, which is home to the highest mountain in the whole of Africa.

Secondly, the country boasts of riches in wildlife, which can not be compared to that of any other country in Africa. Of course, other countries in the region, like Botswana, Kenya, and South Africa, can boast of this, but they will surely drain the pockets of many first-time safari goers.

Tanzania is home to many budget safari options almost everyone can afford. Also, remember that spending less does not mean seeing less or getting tossed at a Park to watch boring animals all day. Most of these budget safaris include week-long trips, which might involve moving between different locations.

List of Budget Safari Tours in Tanzania

If you are wondering how to find affordable safari tours in Tanzania, well, here you have it. As mentioned earlier, Tanzania is quite popular for its cheap safaris, so I will list them here instead of stressing about finding them yourself. Let’s have a look at these pocket-friendly safari tours.

1. Northern Circuit Coffee Waterfall Safari (6 days)

The journey begins and also ends in Arusha. It lasts for six days, and tourists are taken through Arusha, Tanzania, and up to 8 other destinations in Tanzania. In addition, the Northern Circuit Coffee Waterfall Safari includes meals, accommodation, transport, an expert guide, and many more.

On day 1, you will be picked up at Arusha, and the first destination will be Tarangire National Park and Mto Wa Mbu later in the day. From the next day, you’d tour Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Materuni, Kikuletwa, and back to Arusha.

Price: Starts from $1,330

2. Budget Serengeti Safari (5 days)

Like the previous Northern Circuit Coffee Waterfall Safari, Budget Serengeti also starts and ends in Arusha. The tour lasts for five days, with the package taking you through Arusha, Tanzania, and four other destinations in Tanzania. It includes meals, transport, an expert guide, accommodation, etc.

From Arusha, tourists are taken to Tarangire National Park, Mto wa mbu, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and lastly, Lake Manyara National Park. Compared to Northern Circuit, Budget Serengeti Safari involves fewer destinations and, therefore, fewer days.

Price: Starts from $1,188

3. Camping Safari in Tarangire (4 days)

Don’t be surprised to find out that this safari also starts and ends in Arusha. This trip lasts four days and includes a tour of Tarangire, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro Crater. The tour takes you through Arusha, Tanzania, and the three locations mentioned above.

Of course, like other budget safari tours on this list, it includes meals, an expert guide, transport, and many others.

Price: Starts from $720

4. Nyereye Budget Game Drive Safari (3 days)

Here’s a switch; Nyereye Budget Game Drive does not start in Arusha, nor does it end there like the others. The tour starts in Dar es Salaam and lasts for just three days. It includes a tour through Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Selous Game Reserve.

The tour package includes accommodation, an expert guide, meals, and transport. However, the tour does not accept kids below the age of 2.

Price: Starts from $780

5. Gombe Chimpanzee Safari (2 days)

Yet another switch. The Gombe Chimpanzee Safari starts and ends in Gombe National Park. The tour lasts only two days and is one of the shortest safaris in Tanzania. This safari takes you through Gombe National Park, Tanzania, and includes transport, an expert guide, accommodation, and meals.

Price: Starts from $500

Factors affecting the cost of Safari in Tanzania

There are four different drivers of safari costs in Tanzania. These factors include;

  • National Park entrance fees
  • Seasonality
  • Accommodation
  • The Type of Safari (private vs. group safaris, self-drive vs. guided safaris)

The season you visit Tanzania will affect how much you will get charged. Seasons with high visitors in the country usually feature higher safari prices. If you are particular about low and affordable prices, I recommend you visit when the country is deserted.

Also, your safari is never complete with accommodation. Since you would be spending more than a day on your journey, your tour provider will also include accommodation options in your package. The provider will select the best option for you, considering your location.

In addition, the safari provider will also influence how much you will be charged. Generally, public groups charge less than private groups. However, private groups show more experience and professionalism than public groups. Nevertheless, you should go with what suits you best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the National Park entrance fees in Tanzania?

Entrance fees are probably the major factors that affect the total costs of safaris anywhere in Africa. The cost a National Park will charge as an entrance fee will depend greatly on the price. Since these Parks are renowned, they can charge tourists any amount they deem fit.

Famous national parks in Tanzania, such as Serengeti National Park, charge as low as $60 per day. Lake Manyara, Tarangire, and Arusha National Parks charge guests just $45 as an entrance fee per day. However, well-renowned parks like Gombe National Park currently charge $100 per day.

What are the cheapest types of Safaris in Tanzania?

The cheapest types of safaris in Tanzania include group safaris, self-drive camping safaris, and camping safaris. Group safaris are the most popular and usually cheaper than private safaris. However, they come with limited privacy and flexibility.

Self-drive camping safaris are perfect for adventurers who love to do it independently. You can find companies that rent out cars and camping gear in Tanzania at affordable prices. However, this type of safari is usually the most expensive.

Camping safaris are quite similar to group safaris, but they do not come with accommodation options. Lodges at National Parks can be expensive, so the only way to avoid them is with this kind of safari. Camping safaris are usually the cheapest.

Wrapping Up

As I mentioned earlier, another way to cut your safari costs in Tanzania is to avoid traveling during the peak seasons. The peak seasons are when certain parts of the country welcome visitors the most. Safari providers drive their prices up during this time.

If you want to avoid this peak season, you can plan your Safari for the first two weeks of December, January to February, and March to April. Please remember that anything after the first two weeks of December is considered a peak season, and Safaris might cost exceedingly high.